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Who Are Garrett Members?

Our membership of over 300 advisors shares a common goal to make competent, objective financial advice accessible. Garrett members are held to strict membership ctiteria.


Garrett members must be Fee-Only, meaning they are prohibited from receiving commissions or any other compensation from anyone else for the sale of a financial product or service. 100% of their compensation is paid directly by their clients.


All of our members are fiduciaries to their clients, obligated both ethically and legally to place the best interests of their clients ahead of the advisors' interests.


Every Garrett member must be accessible. That means they all charge based on the time to provide advice, without requiring long-term commitments or minimum income, investment, or net worth requirements. While some advisors may offer and provide other Fee-Only services, the majority of their client work must meet this definition of accessible.


Most members joining the Network must be either a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional (CFP®) or agree to become certified within five years of their initial Investment Adviser registration. The only alternative credential we allow is for CPAs who have obtained Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) designation or will within the same five-year period. 

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Become part of this vibrant, supportive, and diverse group of professionals who've come together for the greater good and well-being of their clients and the profession. Let our members, staff, and coaches help you build a thriving, financial planing process with a time-tested, Fee-Only business model.

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