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Membership Benefits

Membership has a lot of great benefits, but It also affords members with the credibility and exposure that helps them stand out. The Garrett Planning Network's reputation, built up over 15 years, has made us well known and well respected by allied professionals, consumer advocacy groups, and journalists. In fact, the Network is mentioned almost weekly by independent mass media. As a membership network, that reputation extends to our members. Here are some of the many benefits that come with membership in the largest, most accessible network of Fee-Only, hourly, financial planners.

Time-Tested Business Model

Sheryl Garrett and hundreds of other advisors are proof that building a financial planning business, charging by the hour for advice, is a viable business model for serving the middle-class. Members are provided with the detailed system, training, and support to build a business providing hourly, as-needed financial planning and investment advice.

Training Materials and Templates

You don't have to reinvent the wheel. Our step-by-step instructions, explanations, checklists, and ready-to-use templates save you time and energy.

Members-Only Online Community

We have an incredibly vibrant, supportive, and connected membership with diverse backgrounds and a wide range of subject matter expertise and experience. As a part of this community, you can ask and answer questions, discuss topics of interest, or just read what others are discussing in our very active member forums. You can have a quick look in when you join us for a virtual tour.

Knowledge Bank Library

The Network has amassed troves of knowledge from hundreds of members over 15 years. We have thousands of articles, commentaries, discussions, documents, recordings of webinars and past Network Retreat sessions. All of this knowledge is indexed and accessible to members via our intranet. You'll also get a peak into the Knowledge Bank Library when you join us for a virtual tour.

3-Day In-Person Training

New Member Training is a live, 3-day workshop with Garrett staff and coaches designed to educate and energize you. There is no better way to learn this business model then being able to talk about it, in-person, with Sheryl Garrett.

“Live training should be required for all new Garrett members! I left with a better understanding of the wealth of Garrett resources available to me as a member, greater confidence in my abilities as a financial planner, an incredibly valuable network of Garrett peers, and 16 new friends.” – Didi Dorsett

Practice Management Coaching

We have regularly scheduled practice management coaching calls conducted by staff, coaches, and seasoned members.

Initial RIA Registration and Compliance Support

We will handle initial firm registration for you. Initial RIA registration includes document preparation and registration filing for a single advisor registration, in one state, with no disclosure events, for a Fee-Only, hourly-based RIA firm. (Note: This benefit does not include fees paid to the state for registration. Individual IAR and state registration fees vary by state and will be paid by the member.) You will also receive our customizable compliance manual and access to our team of compliance coaches and consultants.

Continuing Education Webinars

Because we value the CFP® certification, we also regularly provide opportunities to earn continuing education hours by hosting webinars on a wide range of interesting planning topics.  Your membership includes at least 15 hours of CFP® continuing education every year.

Marketing Support

Marketing coaching occurs at several points during the new member experience, but we also have a collection of member-tested, member-refined marketing materials. We also extend our members marketing reach with our social media and web presence, including providing members with a variety of platforms to gain exposure.

Media Requests

Members benefit from the media momentum Sheryl and the Network have created over the years. Journalists love the Network and what we do. Their readers are our members' clients, so the press regularly turns to us for help with stories about personal finance. We share these requests with the membership as they come to us, and responding members are often quoted. Have a look.

Annual Retreat

Our Network's annual conference is included in the membership fee. Every year we gather together to discuss practice management, attend skills workshops, obtain continuing education, recognize achievements, and to socialize with fellow members, coaches, staff, and special guests. The Retreat is frequently cited by members as one of the greatest benefits of membership.

Discounted Group E&O Insurance

The Network has a top-notch, group E&O insurance program, exclusively for members, and at a significantly discount premium based on our sensible business model. 

Find an Advisor Listing

You can also have a profile on our website and be listed on our 
Find an Advisor directory. Our website is frequently mentioned in mass media and by consumer groups as a great place to find a Fee-Only, hourly financial planner.

Membership Guidelines

Fee-Only, hourly-based and accessible services are the key marketing differentiators of the Garrett Planning Network.

Therefore, our Member-Advisors must:

  • be Fee-Only.
  • offer financial planning and investment advice on an hourly, as-needed basis (and they may also offer investment management services, in addition to hourly-based services).
  • be accessible (meaning, the majority of client engagements must be without any minimums as to income, assets, net worth, length of engagement or revenues generated).
  • either be a CFP® certificant, a licensed CPA with the Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) credential, or obtain one of those designations within five years from the date of initial RIA registration as a Garrett member.
  • adhere to the Fiduciary Oath.