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Financial Planner Andy Tilp,  MS,  CFP® in Tualatin, Salem, McMinnville OR

Andy Tilp, MS, CFP®

Trillium Valley Financial Planning, LLC
Tualatin, Salem, McMinnville, Oregon

(503) 610-8837

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Company Name Trillium Valley Financial Planning, LLC
Logo Trillium Valley Financial Planning, LLC Company Logo by Andy Tilp,  MS,  CFP® in Tualatin, Salem, McMinnville OR
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Main Phone (503) 610-8837
Main Location
8215 SW Tualatin-Sherwood Rd
Tualatin, Salem, McMinnville, OR 97062
United States
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Professional Background

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Credentials CFP®
Fees and Services Retirement and Second Career Planning, Investment Analysis and 2nd Opinions, Stock Options and Deferred Comp, College Funding, Hourly Only

About Trillium Valley Financial Planning, LLC

Andy Tilp is founder and president of Trillium Valley Financial Planning, LLC, an independent, Fee-Only Registered Investment Advisory firm serving the greater Portland area and northern Willamette Valley. We provide financial planning and advisory services to individuals and families in all walks of life, at all ages and circumstances. We have no minimum asset or income requirements.


Our commitment is to provide competent, objective Fee-Only financial advice to individuals and families so they may achieve their long-range financial goals. Our greatest responsibility is to serve you, our client. Because we work strictly on a Fee-Only basis, we receive no commissions from the sale of any financial product and we do not sell any such products. Thus, we are free from outside influences and motivations that might cause a conflict of interest. Our focus is to understand your unique situation and to provide objective and professional financial plans that are personalized to your specific goals.


To meet the needs of our clients, we offer a broad array of financial planning services. The services range from a quick Financial Checkup to an extensive Financial Review.


In the Financial Checkup, we look at your overall financial picture and address your most pressing financial issues in a 2-3 hour session. Financial Projects are ideal if you need an in-depth analysis on one or two specific financial issues.


Finally, our full Financial Review provides the foundation to achieve your financial peace of mind through an in-depth analysis and balancing of the many financial factors that have an impact on your life.


About Andy Tilp -


Andy is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional, was awarded an Executive Certificate in Financial Planning from the University of Portland and passed the rigorous CFP Certification Examination on his first sitting."I decided to open my own firm to provide professional financial advice that is solely for the benefit the client. Too often, I see families who have been financially damaged resulting from poor advice or by the sale of financial products that only enrich the salesperson. My firm's mission is to provide a positive solution where the client is first. "I joined Garrett Planning Network because their philosophy of client-first financial advice is akin to my own. In addition, I can tap the vast knowledge base of the other Garrett Planning Network members. This allows me to apply the collective wisdom of many like-minded, highly experienced experts when I build solutions to individuals' complex financial situations."


In starting Trillium Valley Financial Planning, Andy has continued his life-long entrepreneurial spirit, which he began in his teenage years by establishing successful businesses even before he was eligible to drive. After serving a 4-year enlistment in the US Air Force, living abroad for 3 years, earning a BS in Electrical Engineering and later an MS in Computer Science, Andy carried this entrepreneurial spirit forward into a high-tech career. This included starting a software company and working for a high-flying startup. He also gained valuable business experience managing complex software projects in large, well-established corporations. In addition, to help the next generation start on a solid financial footing, Andy teaches a semester long high school course on Personal Financial Literacy. "It is very important that today's young men and women have a good understanding of the financial world that awaits them in their adult lives.


"Lastly, in conjunction with Janet, his wonderful wife of 29 years, he owns and operates a small farm outside of Sherwood, Oregon. They sell their farm's products in the local farmers market and worldwide on the Web. "Combining my desire to help families, my analytical and strategic planning expertise and my knowledge of financial planning topics, I have an ideal mixture of skills to assist individuals and families.


My process is to:

listen to your goals and aspirations

assess your current financial state

find solutions to your financial goals


This process allows me to understand the 'big picture' of your current financial position and where you want to go. From there, I do an honest and thorough analysis to convert your goals and dreams into a plan that includes specific steps designed to help you succeed. Because every individual and each family is unique, I create a personalized plan that fits your unique goals and objectives.


Andy and Janet know the joy of raising a family with their 16 year old son and a 22 year old daughter. They also are intimately familiar with financial challenges that come along with children, especially the rigors of financing higher education. To reach your long range goals years and decades from now, it is vital you have a plan in place to balance all of your family's financial demands.


Contact Andy today to discuss your financial goals and to determine what services are a right fit for you.

Additional Location 1:

29459 SW Ladd Hill Rd

Sherwood, OR 97140

(503) 610-8837

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Additional Location 2:

15171 Bangy Rd

Lake Oswego, OR 97035

(503) 610-8837

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Additional Location 3:

8215 SW Tualatin-Sherwood Rd

Suite 200

Tualatin, OR 97062

(503) 610-8837

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