August 14

Financial Awareness Day

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I hope you will join us in celebrating National Financial Awareness Day today, Wed. Aug. 14th.  We have social media posts planned on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and Instagram all day.


@GarrettPlanning will hold a Twitter Chat at noon CDT.

If you’d like to join us here are the questions that will be asked during the Chat.

Q1. What does Financial Awareness mean to you?

Q2. How important is it to be financially aware?

Q3. Is being smart about money only for wealthy people?

Q4. Why do you think its not popular in our culture to be financially aware?

Q5. Is saving money easier when you are financially aware?

Q6. Life can be really tough sometimes, does being aware of your finances make life’s hardships a little easier? If so, why? If not, why?

Q7. Are payday lenders and credit cards a good place to turn when you are handed those hardships?

Q8. What are some tips and tricks for staying on top of your finances?

Q9. What strategies can you use to keep your budget accurate?

Q10. Share your favorite place to find information to expand your financial awareness.

How to participate: 

1. Follow along on the #GarrettPlanningChat hashtag

2. Introduce yourself to the group

3. Respond to our Q’s using A1., A2., A3

4. Alert your followers that you will be participating, ask them to join in.

5. Follow the hashtag. Use the hashtag.

Find out more here.

Have questions, contact

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