September 6

Celebrating College Savings Month this September

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At Garrett Planning Network we are celebrating College Savings Month this September. We hope to inform, inspire, and ignite a passion in you to begin or continue to save for education, whether it be college, trade school, or to add one more diploma to the wall. We all know education is expensive, but there are ways to ease the impact on your pocketbook. Join us on social media to find out more!
And, be sure to join us each Friday at 3pm CDT on Twitter for a chat about ways to

save for college. Each week we are featuring a different theme and will post the questions below prior to the chat.




Save with a Plan  Friday 9/13/19 3pm CDT

Q1. What strategies can savers use to continue adding to college savings goals while also reaching other savings goals?
Q2. What savings goals, if any, should come before saving for college?
Q3. If you are already saving for college, what is your method? Do you use a dedicated account? If not, why not and what is your alternative method?
Q4. Have you familiar with the 529 plans? If yes, share your experience.
Q5. What do you think is the best age to start saving for college?
Q6. Is it important to include your children in your saving for college goals? Why?
Q7. How can scholarships factor into the saving for college plans?
Q8. Are their different risk levels we should be considering when using investments to save for college?
Q9. What is the best way for consumers to navigate all the savings options and investment risks?
Q10. What is your one piece of advice for anyone creating a plan to save for college?

Save the Extra  Friday 9/6/19 3pm CDT

Q1. What’s your motivation to start or continue to save for college either for yourself or your children?
Q2. Is it easy to save the extra when you know your goal is education? If so, why is that easier than say saving for a new car?
Q3. Do you have a plan for assessing your current savings habits and goals?
Q4. Do you even know how much you need to save? If so, how did you determine that?
Q5. Do you have a specific place you save for education? Savings account, 529 plan, money jar?
Q6.  Do you use a different account for different goals or needs?
Q7. Do you feel like you are “missing” that money you drop into those savings avenues? If so, why? If no, why not?
Q8. What if you feel like you don’t have any “extra” to save? Are there ways to make some extra?
Q9. Any hacks that help you do what’s in your best interest when it comes to saving?
Q10. What is your favorite saving’s quote?

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