20th Annual Garrett Retreat

20th Annual Garrett Planning Network Conference

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August 5-8, 2020

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The Garrett Planning Network will celebrate its 20th annual Conference virtually this August. Annual Conference attendance is included as a membership benefit for the members of the Network.

Every year we gather together to discuss practice management, attend skills workshops, obtain continuing education, recognize achievements, and socialize with fellow members, coaches, staff, and special guests. Retreat is frequently cited by members as one of the greatest benefits of membership. 

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20th Anniversary

Virtual Conference

August 5 - 8, 2020


All times CDT
Wednesday, August 5th
3:00 - 4:00pm  "Tax Planning" - Colin Yackel, CFP®, Lead Trainer, Envestnet | MoneyGuide®
Join us for a 60-minute webinar as we discuss tax planning strategies in retirement, including Roth Conversions and QualifiedCharitable Distributions, and decisions around portfolio withdrawals. In addition, we will share ways to identify opportunities for thesestrategies using the client’s financial plan, and the effects they can have on their plan outcome.
4:00 - 6:00pm Virtual Reception
Thursday, August 6th
“What Do Clients Want” Mark Tibergien, Retired CEO, Pershing Advisor Solutions / BNY Mellon
In this presentation, Mark will set the stage for what changes mean and how clients will want advisors to interact, anticipate and steerthe planning discussions going forward.
CE Hours Available: 1 NAPFA, 1 CPE
10:00am Member Networking Lounge Open
11:30am National Sponsor Presentation
"An Advisor's Guide to Insurance in 2020" Mark Maurer, CFP®, President, CEO LLIS
There is a behind-the-scenes process that many advisors and their clients may not be aware of when applying for a new insurancepolicy. Pricing of an insurance policy is based on many factors, including interest rates. Underwriting is a determining factor in a client’sclass rating (which price they pay) and often considered the foundation of an insurance policy.
CE Hours Available: 1.0 NAPFA, 1.0 CPE, 1.0 CFP ® Certification
12:30pm Expo Hall with Exhibitors
1:30pm  National Sponsor Presentation
“How COVID-19 has changed the Landscape of Long-Term Care Planning” Brian Gordon, President, MAGALtd. 
Uncertain times always compel people to think more about Long Term Care Planning. This CFP CE course will take you through theupdates in Long Term Care Insurance due to COVID-19. Learn about the changes in underwriting, unique plan designs clients arelooking for, claims coordination and valuable resources for you, your clients and their families. This presentation will provide valuableinformation on what a Long Term Care policy can provide your clients, and how LTCI works as a risk management tool to allow aretirement plan to function the way it was designed.
CE Hours Available: 0.5 NAPFA, 0.5 CPE
2:00pm Risk Assessment
“Risk Profiling: The Problems It Solved and the Problems It Created” Paul Resnik, Founder, FinaMetrica
Delegates will understand why robust risk profiling encourages good planning processes, enhances client satisfactions and advancespractice valuations, and develop a framework to judge the defensibility of their suitability process.
CE Hours Available: 1.0 NAPFA, 1.0 CPE, 1.0 CFP ® Certification
3:00pm Preparedness Panel
CE Hours Available: 1.0 NAPFA, 1.0 CPE
4:00pm- 5:00pm Member Networking Lounge Open
Friday, August 7th
9:00am Member Networking Lounge Open
10:00am Behavioral Finance and Risk in Humans
“Helping Irrational Investors Make Rational Decisions” Harold Evensky, CFP ® , AIF, Founder, Evensky& Katz / Foldes Financial
An introduction to behavioral finance and its application for financial planning practitioners
CE Hours Available: 1.5 NAPFA, 1.5 CPE, 1.5 CFP ® Certification
11:30am Investing Panel Discussion
Rick Ferri, CFA, Founder, Ferri Investment Solutions
Allan Roth, CFP®, CPA, Founder, Wealth Logic
William Bernstein, PhD, MD, Principal, Efficient Frontier Advisors
CE Hours Available: 1.0 NAPFA, 1.0 CPE
12:30pm Expo Hall with Exhibitors
1:30pm Impact Investing
“Investing for Sustainability and Impact - What is it, and why it makes sense to incorporate itinto your practice” Jon Hale, PhD, CFA, Head of Sustainability Research, Morningstar
More and more investors want to invest for sustainability and impact, but financial advisors are still coming up to speed on concepts likeimpact, sustainability and ESG. In this session, Morningstar's director of sustainable investing research will clarify what is meant bythese concepts and how you can help your clients invest with impact.
CE Hours Available: 1.5 NAPFA, 1.5 CPE, 1.5 CFP ® Certification
3:00pm All that Preparation...
Mary Gibson, Retired Financial Planner
Louise Schroeder, Retired Financial Planner
Marge Randels, Retired Financial Planner, Founder, Argyle Cheese Farmer
CE Hours Available: 1.0 NAPFA, 1.0 CPE
4:00pm - 5:00pm Member Networking Lounge Open
Saturday, August 8th
10:00am Member Discussion/Study Groups
12:00pm Closing Circle
George Kinder, CFP®, Founder, Kinder Institute of Life Planning
Author, speaker, meditation teacher, and father of the Life Planning movement in financial advice, George Kinder will describehow Life Planning delivers an exhilarating and meaningful experience for the client. Through a mix of lecture and experientialexercises, Kinder will briefly discuss Life Planning’s five-phase EVOKE® process that utilizes deep listening and communicationskills to uncover clients’ dreams of freedom and then delivers them. He will share the evolution of his Life Planning work, asdescribed in his latest book, A Golden Civilization and the Map of Mindfulness, and how it is now being used by groups globallyto rethink civilization. You'll have the opportunity to participate in an interactive visioning strategy that goes beyond the self oreven the larger community but considers the entirety of civilization and empowers leaders to develop the world they want to livein right now. Visit www.GeorgeKinder.com and www.AGoldenCivilization.com for more information.
CE Hours Available: 1.0 NAPFA, 1.0 CPE, CFP ® Certification

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"I’m glad I attended Retreat this year. It is the best decision I could have made for my business at this time. I thought I might skip it because I have been inundated with new business. (I’m thankful for this problem!) Luckily, I decided to attend. Not only did it help me with specific questions I had about software etc. but also big picture ideas about the direction I want to grow my business."
Catherine Hawley on the 2015 Retreat

  • I've been to many conferences and retreats in my previous career, but NONE like this one! I was greate to meet so many fine colleagues, hear some really quality speakers, and forge some new and special friendships!" - Mike Kastler, Garrett Member Since 2017