old 20th Annual Garrett Retreat

We're Going Virtual for 2020


See what the Garrett Planning Conference  is all about!

August 5-8, 2020

2020 Exhibitor Opportunities are available now!

The Garrett Planning Network will celebrate its 20th annual Conference virtually this August. Annual Conference attendance is included as a membership benefit for the members of the Network.

Every year we gather together to discuss practice management, attend skills workshops, obtain continuing education, recognize achievements, and socialize with fellow members, coaches, staff, and special guests. Retreat is frequently cited by members as one of the greatest benefits of membership. 

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Wednesday August 5 Opening Night Virtual Reception to celebrate the Network’s 20th Anniversary!
Keynotes or sessions presented by:

Marie Swift 

George Kinder

Randy Gardner

Mark Tibergien

Paul Resnik

Harold Evensky

John Hale

Bill Bernstein

Mary Gibson

Louise Schroeder

Marge Randall

Rick Ferri

Allan Roth

Pre- and Post- Conference:

George Kinder 2 day workshop Seven Stages of Money Maturity

Randy Gardner with Julie Welch, Tax Saving Ideas: Deep Dive into Tax Planning.

"I’m glad I attended Retreat this year. It is the best decision I could have made for my business at this time. I thought I might skip it because I have been inundated with new business. (I’m thankful for this problem!) Luckily, I decided to attend. Not only did it help me with specific questions I had about software etc. but also big picture ideas about the direction I want to grow my business."
Catherine Hawley on the 2015 Retreat

Membership Guidelines

Fee-Onlyhourly-based and accessible services are the key marketing differentiators of the Garrett Planning Network.

Therefore, our Member-Advisors must:

  • Be Fee-Only.
  • Offer financial planning and investment advice on an hourly, as-needed basis (and they may also offer investment management services, in addition to hourly-based services).
  • Be accessible (meaning, provide financial advice on an as-needed basis to individuals from all walks of life, without any minimums as to income, assets, net worth, length of engagement or revenues generated).
  • Either be a CFP® certificant, a licensed CPA with the Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) credential, or obtain one of those designations within five years from the date of initial RIA registration as a Garrett member.
  • Adhere to the Fiduciary Oath.

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