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Find a FEE-ONLY Advisor who puts your best interests first...

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PGIM India Mutual Fund launches second career programme for women, The India Times, March 8, 2021

The India Times

“I am delighted to partner with WFAN to bring ...objective financial advice accessible to all people," said GPN founder Sheryl Garrett.

Read article here.


How to Find a Financial Advisor if You're Not Rich, US News, April 8, 2021

US News & World Report offers a map of the United States where users can click on a state and find a list of financial advisors who cater to the middle class.

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So, Should We Be Investing Right Now?, July 1, 2020, Coveteur


“Try websites like the Garrett Planning Network or your financial institution to find a CFP you can consult, whether for general investing advice or guidance on specific decisions." Quote from interview with Alexa von Tobel, CFP®.

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Here’s how to finally start investing in 2020,, January 3, 2020

“Patience is an important lesson to learn for young investors. They want to see quick results,” says Randy Gardner, an adjunct professor of financial planning at the American College of Financial Services and financial coach with the Garrett Planning Network of financial planners.

Many other Garrett Network members are quoted in this article as well.


PGIM India MF and WFAN launch scholarship program for aspiring women financial advisors, The Economic Times, March 8, 2021

The Economic Times

Commenting on this partnership, Sheryl Garrett said, “I am delighted to partner with WFAN to bring The Garret Planning Network to India and help our vision and WFAN’s vision to make competent and objective financial advice accessible to all people”.

Read article here.

Financial Planners, Join The Network

Become part of a vibrant, supportive, and diverse group of professionals who've come together for the greater good and well-being of their clients and the profession. Let our members, staff, and coaches help you build a thriving, financial planning process with an accessible, time-tested, Fee-Only business model.

About the Garrett Planning Network

Everyone needs competent, objective financial advice from time to time. The Garrett Planning Network has a nationwide membership with hundreds of independent, Fee-Only financial planners providing advice to people from all walks of life, without minimum account requirements, sales commissions, or long-term commitments. Our members proudly embrace their fiduciary duty, always placing their clients' best interests first.